DANGER is literally everywhere you look. There is danger lurking in the chemicals you clean your kitchen with, in the car you drive to work, in knives. Some people say ‘There’s no smoke without fire’ which is often true but more importantly: ‘There’s no fire without DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!’. And BBQ’s involve fire, so BBQ’s involve danger. As the video above demonstrates any one who uses liquids to get their fire going is kind of an idiot who shouldn’t be doing that. The main cause of BBQ danger is indeed fire, but actually it’s not fire, it’s idiots. Also, unclean bbq’s are very dangerous, you could go out there and help people of you wanted though as more and more people are getting educated to the dangers of dirty BBQ’s and many a BBQ cleaning business opportunity is now available to those who want to save lives and own a business whilst doing it. An honourable profession in my books. Today’s most powerful video may seem humorous to some, and it certainly does walk that line, but it is a reminder of the powerful danger of fire, of not preparing, of not taking things seriously and of being an idiot.

Deciphering The Campus

On November the 18th 2011 Occupy protesters gathered at the UC Davis campus in California and were pepper sprayed whilst clearly protesting passively. This became known as the ‘UC Davis pepper-spray incident’ and would lead to an internet meme, $1 million in compensation for those pepper sprayed, a campaign of harassment and vilification for the officer who sprayed them (Lt. John Pike) and a $38,000 pay out for that officer for the harassment and the depression he suffered because of it. This means that the officer actually received more compensation than the students did per person. How could this happen on a college campus? How are police not better coordinated on how to treat students and how to police campuses? Can we not reach out to all campuses around the country and engage students, staff and all in a conversation? (Businesses manage it: The man who sprayed these students is not a madman, that is the really terrifying problem, he is the product of a mad system. That’s what we see in this video: the internalised cruelty and hate that this society and culture can create. That is a powerful and terrifying video.

We Are Powerful!

Powerful videos, people almost dying, people saving people from dying, people jumping over things seconds after you said “They are so NOT going to jump over that”. People helping people, Things blowing up, Animals helping people, animals helping animals. People surviving against the odds, ordinary people doing ordinary things…but powerfully!